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Pictures!  We need Pictures! –
Lets keep the Website fresh with pictures from current events.  Coming into May, it would be nice to see some pics from Kites and Hugs, Flyers Day, Pacific Beach Kingston, or the Ron Button memorial.  If you have interesting or humorous photos to share, please send them in to Casey ( or Butch (

Changes for 2017 Festival of Colors
Location –
Festival of Colors has changed location!   It will now be held off the beach access from Damon Rd.  Damon Rd. is the East-to-West road that you drive on just before turning through “the Gate” onto Point Brown Avenue and into the town of Ocean Shores.  This new location separates us from the horses (free at last!) and some O.S. city hassles.  In the future, this festival will be named something like ‘Grays Harbor County Kite Festival’.
One thing to note: because of the beaches’ protected status, the park rangers require flyers to park below the soft sand dunes.  Hopefully, there will be some indicators for the appropriate parking areas. Use some common sense here.

Run a Game or Teach Kite Flying at Festival of Colors –
Andy and Brenda would like to improve this festival’s attraction to the public.  As a first step, Andy has put together some games and contests for kids, with prizes from Ocean Shores Kites.  He and Brenda are looking for volunteers to run these activities during the peak part of the day, say from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Volunteers would need to commit to a two hour shift.  If you would like to help at FoC for one of these activities, please contact Andy or Brenda at or by phone at: 360-289-4103.
Also, from a kiting public outreach perspective, we would like to see our club members participate in a “learn to fly this kite” activity at Festival of Colors.  We would set up space for this activity near to the competition area and would use two hour blocks to offer lessons to folks on flying different kinds of kites.  We could provide lessons on dual lines, Revs, Big (not too big) show kites, fighter kites, and maybe even star/snowflake kites.  This activity would need one or two expert flyers for each category of kite.  If you would be interested in being a ‘tutor’ for one of these lesson sessions, please contact me at or by phone at: 206-280-7187.

New Flying Event at Suncadia Resort –
Suncadia Resort, near Roslyn Wa., have invited region flyers to participate at a Family Fun Fly on May 27th from 10  am to 6 PM.  All are welcome.  The flying space will accommodate small to medium sized kites.  For more information about the event, contact Casey Shearer at

Kites for Kids Making at Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (aka Ballard Locks) Locks
We are looking for volunteers to participate in a Kites for Kids booth at the H.M. Chittenden centennial celebration on May 21st.  For more information, contact Bonnie Ecker ( )

Beacon Hill Community Festival -
For those in the Seattle area who are not attending Festival of Colors, this is a nice and well organized community event.  The Beacon Hill community group will be handling their own Kites for Kids kite making, but they welcome kite flyers to fly on Jefferson Field.   For more information, contact

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